Wednesday, November 19, 2008

passing giants

in this everchanging world, at this point in time, it appears we are the cusp of a new beginning, akin to what the british automotive world went thru in the 1960's (remember them?). it appears, we maybe faced with a few less key players on the automotive marketplace, and that my friends, is hitting a bit way too close to home, more so then we can even imagine.
granted, in a free marketplace, the strong will survive; but in this case, there really are no strong, nor do the weak appear any stronger. i am blogging about the possible loss of the classic american automotive company, ie; GM, FORD and CHRYSLER. the death throes of Chrysler have been a long time coming, and in any moment, it is expected to just kneel over and die a miserable death. as for ford, or GM, it implications are much stronger and even government intervention, may not be enough. there are even appearant rumors of the chinese, buying GM of all things, but with a stock value floating around a buck or two, that isn't too far fetched; of course, then the government would prevent that, and we'd still have one big giant sess pool of waste on life support, a bigger drain on the american taxpayer than the actual government already is.
is there any real easy or painless answers for this; hell no, no matter what political party you belong to, or social status you lean towards, the huge sucking sound of the endless black hole, or money pit, we have social implications that will haunt us for many many years to come; if we socialise the company, with the government regulations the congress will require to hand over the few meger dollars they throw at the issues at hand, the regulations will choke the companies, and we will have a french socialist enviroment, rife for more corruption, and less effiency, and in the end we all lose; if we let them fail, the same will happen, millions lose their jobs and like the electronic industry, no american car companies will exist as we know it.