Monday, January 12, 2009


seems the auto manufactures, more so the semi-big three, domestic, are on a cusp of finally realizing the having competing dealerships like starbucks, nearly on top of each other, generally with in a 5-10 mile radius is some metro areas, is a giant burden that needs to stop, like maybe 15 years ago. the same can be said for many aftermarket auto parts stores as well; in many cases, in order to franchise the company and trump up growing numbers, the amount of profitablity of each location is dropping and markets are starting to scavage off each others location, rather than just the competition.
not only that, companies, so scared to drop dealers or franchises, keep supporting such businesses, that in all regards, should have closed or become something else entirely. i can bet many of you who work in small towns, many dealerships and parts franchisees look so far in the past, the only thing missing is the pickle barrel and rocking chairs to set them up as the general store. sorry folks, but that doesn't cut it in the mass market, media savy world we are in.
one such so called dealership, here in the motor city capital, is not only a GMC truck dealership, it is a NAPA franchise as well; it sits in a centuries old building and the business as a whole seems like it is still in 1959. not really who i'd like to see as my cutting edge dealership, with so called factory techs working on my 2010 denali; no, it almost looks like a scene from so hollywood b-movie, complete with bubba fixing my gmc topkick and getting some tractor parts from the NAPA counter in the same building.
come on folks; women control more purchasing power than men as a whole; i am pretty sure that most professional women, wearing prada, would not be caught dead in such a place, let alone, allow their family to buy from there as well. bright and shiny store fronts, professional services and cutting edge technology is what these companies are suppose to represent; cut these so called dealers and franchisees; bring the level of your companies asperations up and enforce your corporate image in your contracts and you'll find water will find its level and the dead weight that is these underperformers, will fade away.

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