Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i was reading, today's mega million lottery was up to $100 million, usd, and knowing this is a rather decent sum, after taxes, i could buy a small eastern european country and become president for life and have a harem of women and all the cool cars i ever wanted to drive...alas, back to reality.
even in these troubling times, in which many car lines may disappear, i looked inside my mind, and after i got past the bad porn, i thought of what would i buy, of currently made cars and trucks if i won the lottery and of course had a place to park them. i am not listing any old favorites or classics, no, that would be too easy and i am not making the guys at the auction houses any richer. so, in no particular order, for that matter, here is my list of my car porn and why;

1) dodge challenger srt-8; bright orange...nuff said
2) dodge charger srt-8; coppertone orange and evil as shit
3) jeep grand cherokee srt-8; black...nuff said
4) chevy hhr turbo; bright red done in the delivery panel wagen style
5) chevy camaro 6.0 with a/t; fly yellow with black stripes
6) cadillac cts-v; black with black rims
7)caddy cts-v coupe; white with white rims
8)caddy cts wagon; red, for momma
9) caddy sts-v; black for business type work
10)fiat 500 abarth; white.....cool as shit
11) smart car; yellow just for fun
12) nissan titan; dark grey, with 4x4 for the sorry winter months and full size truck needs
12) bmw 5 series; black..nuff said
14)infiniti m45; maroon red and tan leather
15)ford flex; awd and in blue with a white top
16)gmc 3500 dualie; 2wd and 6.6 diesel...sometimes you just gotta dualie
17)nissan gt-r; gotta have at least one sports car
18)nissan 370z; blue with 6 speed; okay, two sports cars
19)pontiac g8; aussie goodness with a heart of evil; black of course

you'll notice, no hybrid's here..i want pure gas monsters; i don't want or need a 'fridge to drive, i want a soul. no weird hyper exotic's either; i want to be able to drive my cars and not really worry about dents or fools messing them up; no vette or viper either...not really my cup of tea; the gtr does it for me, thank you.

so, that does it for me; if i win tonight, i might be a bit busy for the next few days, at least dreaming of my winnings...haha

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