Thursday, February 19, 2009


i just had a bill collector try to call me; this being unemployeed kinda kills the bill paying thing, i know, but hey. funny thing was the phone call came from costa rica...what do they plan on doing, boarding a plane and roughing me up, once they spend say $1200 round trip ticket, for less than $500.00 debt? talk about outsourcing..what next, bollywood will send some pretty boys with slide rulers to work me over? sheez!
on that note, speaking of out sourcing, when will the friendly and totally lost in another world folks at the not so mighty UAW plan on doing, as the plants and job losses keep mounting and the plants in mexico keep on sprouting up? seems mighty suspious when you lose your job here in detroit, but they keep cranking out the same $30k car from south of the border. seems when the entire middle class disappears, maybe then, when what ever is left of the auto industry, can finally figure out that sub $15k cars ARE what americans want and need. bad enough the house value dropped to next to nothing that cars, which are the second highest priced items we finance, are going to be difficult to try to get a loan for when we are all making less than $25k a year. my lovely wife just bought our home, a lovely $200k house for $70k on a $25k figure the 30 year note, it makes sense; try getting a 10-15 year note on a $40k car...ha!
another note; quietly, GM has made Buick a huge name plate in china; so what you say. well, they sell over 7 different models of Buicks there, comepared to our 4; doean't take much of a fool to see what is getting ready to happen here; yep, you got it, the same Buicks will be made in China and shipped back here.
now UAW; what can and will you do now? when the very jobs you vowed to protect are now gone, and the only thing is left is your golf club and fancy summer lodge for your premier members, not the rank and file, ask your self, could we have failed and boy, what where we the way, the country code for costa rica is "506" when you see the caller i.d. number come up...tell them bob says hi.

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