Monday, February 16, 2009


in another magazine i used to write for, until they changed their path, they had a writer, which they still have, who owns a service center and writes about the daily comings and goings of the service industry and how it relates to the parts business.
this writer, mitch, often tries to come across that service is the whole world wrapped up in gold; he can do no wrong,and his tech's never ever make mistakes or order wrong parts and the world is rose coloured according to him; every time i get my copy of the parts magazine, i get more and more frustrated that we, the parts professionals, have to deal with this, the persons who shit never stinks and have his words, taken as a "given" in the industry and we should bow down and wash the feet of all who, like him, work on cars for a living.
argh, i must relate...granted, you are a seasoned pro, a owner, who has seen his share of ups and downs in this crazy business we are in; but i digress, how is the words, of some one who isn't on our side of the counter, the person who creates the frustration when they say all the parts are the same, call at 5pm on friday and know damn well, no one has this part and it's up to me to bail him out of one of his own screw up's? come on mitch; there are two sides to every story, and the ones you pose, are text book perfect and only show your side; oh yeah, we make mistakes, but as the parts industry as a whole has determined, while trying to cater to your pompus ass, that over 75% of all so-called defects or failed parts, are not really failed. if there are a failure, it is in your own industry as in mechanic mis-diagnosis, not parts related. i will you give you credit in trying your best to keep up with all the trends of the automotive industry, and keep everyone on the cutting edge; but alas, even in the dealer's world, mechanics, fail to diagnose problems as well, even with the manufactor's technology in place.
so mitch, is it my fault? is it my part industries fault either, you may have had a bad day, one of my sales people stopped by and wanted to chat? does everyone who walks in your door want to make a sale? each and every person who walks in your door, offers a chance to make you money, whether they are selling or buying; so, must you disrespect all parts people as just mere annoyances to be tolerated until you can write about them and blast them for trying to be human like you? my time is worth money too; i feel bothered when sales people come in, offering me things i have no need or time for; if they are related to my business, i make the time to talk with them, familiar or not; they pose a chance to learn, teach and make connections i may never make again.
if i didn't want to learn about brain cancer, i would not become or study to be a doctor; you , mitch, cannot or do not know or experience all things related in my industry; i personally take your comments as insults to me and my fellow parts people; i am very pleased and quite happy i don't offer services to you and your garage; i have my own "mitch's" in my world to deal with, but do keep in mind; i don't offer advice on brain surgery, nor should you give advice how to run my parts business.

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