Sunday, December 23, 2007


unlike the tag, this is an issue that affects all retail and service type sales; here in the cooler climes, one bane of the windy and blistery days, it grows tiring seeing plastic bags, from all kinds of sales stores, caught up in the bare arms of the trees, blowing like weather vanes, abet much uglier, in all directions, until they free their selves or some one tires of them and removes the visual eyesore for us. lets revert back to the paper bags; i try to use only paper boxes, ala like sam's club or costco, to give my customers to carry their items with; it saves my store space of empty boxes and reuses the potential they still have as storage, to someone else. for each and every one we pass on, another tree thanks us, for one less plastic bag caught up in its loving embrace of the sunlight and air we breathe.

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