Sunday, December 16, 2007


ever notice when you go to the big box retail parts stores, the lack of the one thing that made the parts store what it was in the male bonding universe? the, not the body function, but the stool the parts person or customers would saddle up to when they came up to the counter for service and a few good words.
taking a page from the fast food businesses, retail parts chains have done away from the last bastion of male glory, the stool.think about it, fast food joints don't want you to stay long in the store, get you in, get you out, hard cold fiberglass seats, and cold, uninviting vinyl to ensure your quick turn around in and out....same thing with taking away the stools, now parts customers, have no reason to comfortably sit or stand around and talk shop or anything, nope, now the guise is to get you in and out in a jiffy, and heaven forbid any counterperson get equally comfortable; no, the idea is invoices per hour and if you are sitting still, you are not part of the team.
now before you all get your panties in a knot, i am going to tell you that alot of this is due to women; aha, you say..i knew it, he is a woman hater...hell no, god knows i love them, but their buying habits have been studied by those same highly educated, coporate raiders and they have decided for the good of the parts stores, turn the experience into a "Walmart"(no help found here) shopping trip, get in and get out,next please.the socially correct scholars have decided for us that the male bonding and social good old boy stuff had to stop.hell, many jobber type stores have been buying into this same belief when their so-called buying group decides it wants to try and enforce the same type rules and sales objectives as well...out goes the stools.remember the old off colored joke about how to confuse (insert favorite enthic group) by placing them in a round room and telling them to pee in the corner?..well, same thing, take a group of back yard mechanics, parts swappers and turn them loose in a big box part store...the glazed, deer in the headlights mommie, i am lost. it's just not what we are hard wired take a woman and let her drag her politically correct partner into the same part store and she'll lead him in and out in record time, no add ons, no extras and hell no, sitting around. might as well put in a few powder rooms and some fruity drinks and you'll have a starbucks/borders bookstore in a minute.
come on fellas, or even ladies, lets make the parts buying and selling experience what it once was, fun, entertaining and most of all, give us back our damn stools.

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