Saturday, December 15, 2007


lowbrow parts/ welcome to my world. i am a 26 year veteran of the automotive parts industry and have been involved in all aspects of the business short of manufacture. in my time in this fun filled field, i have learned and seen alot, many things i am proud of and many, i shake my head and wonder what is it we have come to.
i also write an article published monthly in a trade magazine for this fine industry, but i am unable to name it or myself, for the pure and simple fact i have no love or like for the false god of this industry, the big box retail chains. for this reason, so as to keep my other gig and my editor and his advertisors happy, it is best i remain secret.
i will not be cowed down or shut up by what i see is the terrible plight the retail industry has wrought upon our fine business models and what will become of our trade as a whole. i will speak up, not to be silenced, by the truths that need to be spoken and heard. in an era of political correctness, no one wants to step on the toes of the 800 lb monkey called AUTOZONE, or any other like so-called retail parts chains.there has been too much removal of the human aspect of this business that the hundreds of high paid sales marketing people and corporate board rooms have seen fit to take away and replaced with thousands of low paid worker drones unable to garnish a trade from this profession and now rank among the low paid service industry such as McDonalds and 7-11 as skilled help.
i hope that you will join me in this battle, for what once was a great career and an honest one at that. my posts will be torrid and pull no punches. i hope that you'll join my revolution in what has become yet another loss of the middle class icon of america itself, the paid professional.

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