Sunday, December 23, 2007


if there ever was a car line that defies all conventitual logic, it would be the volkswagen car line up, with the bug out front and the a1-to current generation line up of rabbits/golfs/jettas...there just isn't too many other real lines that brings out the joy of ownership that this one does. many cars and trucks also envoke passion, but generally with a few ownership changes, where a vw will go thru owner after owner and keep the same basic chassis and like a teen age girl at the GAP, change looks to reflect the mood and passion of this new owners.some times it is almost too funny how a car can go from stock for many years, change to a go fast go-cart for a few years, a college girls powder puff for 4 years, then a mall beater for some skate rats and back to a classic restoration project in its life time. just like the willy's original jeep, you could almost build a brand new vw, abet a 1969 one, from parts bought from JC Whitney or like type catalogs. in a marketers sense, it is the perfect car; so many of them are still going and going; and keep on needing parts. one warehouse/ parts supplier for vw's based here in michigan, has such a bad reputation that no matter how many customers he pisses off, the next owner of the car will buy from him again, then the vicious circle keeps on going and going, so the car stays with him, just a new face and victim to rob from.
many car companies are starting to accept that the love affair we have with our cars is hard wired to us; build it and we'll keep coming back for more; a classic is timeless, and in some instances, such as the vw, it is immortal.

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