Thursday, December 20, 2007


to all the parts manufactors; please please please, give it a rest. i am talking about the parts box packaging. in all the wonderful, marketing and wisdom that you have been lead to believe, no matter how good the package is, how informative the words are, and in the final end use, knowing fully well the package is not installed on the car, that box will be torn open just like a christmas present on the 25th of december. and in the best of all worlds, there will be returns of the above said product as well, for what ever reasons; so to make it easier on all parties involved, please just make the boxes easy to open and at the least, have some certain type of coating that repells grease,water and fingerprints. just like the dented can of beans on the shelves at the store, the greasy, torn open box, repaired as best as we counter people can, will never be sold, no matter what the contents hold. that mental stigma, of the pre-installed, tested on some one else's car, cannot be over come. so no matter, what it comes down to, make our job easier and save all of us the grief, make the boxes mechanic and customer proof...if we want child proof containers, we'll sell prescription drugs instead.
on the same lines, this is the new millenia; no small packages should be sold, that are not able to be resealed. spend the extra pennies, pass on the cost, but make the small display parts able to be resealed as well...god knows how many times customers and parts swappers rip open the blister packages, only to announce that its wrong or doesn't fit, and once again, away we go with a unsalable product. granted, once you sold the product, its gone and you have very little to worry about, other than warranties or liablitities issues; but for the guys and gals who are in the trenches, shilling your products, make our jobs easier and maybe, we'll find selling your stuff profitable to us as well.

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